Friday, May 18, 2007


Aricia has been rubbing her tongue at her still-can't-see-much teeth. She feels something is there, so... rubs and rubs. I have problem taking photos of it.

She's back to her old habit, spitting and blowing saliva. Even when she's eating, she'll do that resulting in the whole area around her walker dirty.
Since she has so much saliva to spare, she's been making funny noises as well, sometimes in tones that you think she's talking.
Umm... have a feeling she'll be talkative too!

She bites the spoon, towel. When you remove it from her, she can throw tantrum. She fights back. Wah............this girl knows what she wants. I think this girl will bully the che-che and poor che-che will not know how to fight back. Umm... looks like I have to be stricter with Aricia huh?

I know been saying she's active. You know she's so fast too?! I never remember Athena had so many knocks as compared to Aricia. Fell from bed once coz' I just turn around to pick my bag from wardrobe which is only 2 steps away.
Another time was on the sofa, I pushed her in and I was changing CD. I kept looking at her making sure she's at the same spot. Somehow, when I turned to press "Play" she fell! She was that fast in both instances.
She was on the floor, when I needed to turn off a switch. I dunno what that girl was thinking, she thinks she can simply fling herself down, she fell on her side. *bam*

For the past few nights where Aricia has been sleeping with helper ( a few times was coz' I fell asleep while putting Athena to bed, by the time I got up was already 2plus, so I didn't carry Aricia over to our room). Helper told me she's been waking up at 2am to play. She'd start blowing saliva; crawl on the floor; play on the floor. Helper wakes up and carry her back to the mattress, she crawls off again. Haha!

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