Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bits & pieces

Hate the weather
The days will get hotter and hotter in months to come. Already yesterday, I was perspiring alot and had (what?) 4 showers!
My poor children's hair wet (as if they went swimming-ok abit exaggerated lah!) in the mornings although they each have a fan. Poor things!
Decided to turn on their aircon to cool the room, will then ask helper to sleep in the same room.

Last PT session
Had my last PT session today. In a way I'm relieved that my torture is finally over, on the other hand wondering if I can push myself that hard without Jefferson around. Already I was complaining to him that everytime I try the abs machines I can't do it on my own, but I can do it when he's around and suspect if he was pushing it for me from behind - he said no. Duh!
Anyway, weight loss is slow but healthier this way. Gotta try harder, hopefully get the weight & size I want back.
Mom keeps rubbing salt into my tummy.. saying "the women in our family all have tummies. You see your this auntie; that auntie. Very difficult to lose one." Ahh!!! That's the most dreadful thing I want to hear apart from "chocolates have disappeared forever."
I want my figure back! I want to try to fit into my last kebaya. I want! I want! Oh shut up Lily!

Winnie gave me a call today while I was in the gym. Ya lah! And my dear friend had to say "wah.... you so on ah.. to go gym?" Of course lah! I'm not so blessed like some mothers who slims down after their 2 pregnancies or 3rd for another girlfriend.
Winnie is my girlfriend from MDIS. We both did our part-time Dip in Mass Communications together. Strangely, we weren't that close in the class. We both had our own cliques, she was sitting across me and all we did was small chats. But somehow after we both graduated, I moved on to Adv Dip (she didn't) and through her good friend from that class who is still in the same class as me, we met up. And it didn't stop there. What finally connected us is us being mothers. Elaine is 6 months older than Athena, Jolene is like 1 or 2 years younger than Athena. Oh goash! My memory's failing me. Actually can't blame me coz' the last time I saw Jolene was during her full month celebration. Winnie and myself have met up since but usually without the children. You wouldn't want to hear two mad mothers screaming at their children.
Umm.. I think I got too carried away. Anyway, she called to inform that she'd being migrating over to Australia sooner than planned - this November. Argh! She's going to miss Athena's birthday party again. (She missed last year as she had to clock in the PR status). I felt rather sad that she's leaving. And then I started to think to myself "Yah lah, when she haven't leave the country you contact her once in a while. Once she's going to leave, you start to panic and think.. my friend's leaving for another country for good better meet up with her more often etc.." I kindda took her for granted.
Well.....what can I say except that I can look forward to free accomodation when I holiday there. Haha!
All the best Winnie!
She's asking if anyone is selling their keyboard or electone organ?? She has the intention to buy a proper one to let her girl use it for her music lesson coz' the current one that she's using is out of tune. Do leave a message here for me! Thanks!

Notice I write so much about the violin in my blog? I do.. coz' it seems to have some flaws here and there.
1) Jenny heard me complaining about how Athena's bow keeps bowing from left to right, playing from the proper place to the bridge to the fingerboard. Then she taught me to use the hard roll from a paper hand towel and put it on her shoulder, let her slid the bow down and up. I tried and dunno how that chor-lor girl do some hairs from the bow strayed off. Duh!
2) Mom mom keep insisting me to give up violin? Don't make myself more angry whenever I need to coach her in the evenings, won't it be better off if I just let her quit?
Is it really a bad choice? Anyway it wasn't my choice! Mom raved about "ai yah... you know children lah! They don't really mean what they say." I knew what mom was trying to tell me, it's indirectly telling me not to trust the words of a little girl. Yes! I had Athena telling me "mummy, it's very difficult to play the violin." and another time "mummy, I want to learn ballet just like Elizabeth." I said "no. I did gave you a choice earlier on but you kept insisting on violin."
And although I suspect it was a passing phase that she 'so loved the violin' that made her so persistent (and finally resistant. Not really resistant lah! Prob it's becoz' she gets more scolding from me for violin so she's a little uptight about violin) to learn. But I'm still insistent about her learning all the way, and not giving it up halfway. I do want her to know that just by claiming "it's difficult" she can't escape from this. If I give in, she will know "oh.. next time any thing I can't do. I'll give up." Then she'll never achieve anything. See my example! Already I've been doing things halfway and my future seems bleak!
a) Stopped organ at Grade 7 for my O Levels and never went back since. My sight reading is bad and slow.. takes me quite awhile to even play a simple Canon in D on piano!
b) Stopped my Japanese when the language school closed. So now... wakarimasu shikoshi.

Things that I'd love to learn :
1) Sister has been trying to ask me to go diving (eeks! I have sea phobia. Then why the heck I flew you wonder right?) and next horse-riding. Nah! Not interested. Something which I am interested and had been wanting to learn. SKIING. Actually been wanting to go skiing since I was flying but never got the chance. The annual leave were for holidays with mom. One year my team Leading Steward organised a skiing trip with a few other crew. I wanted to join him but alas! I was studying and exams were around that time.
I know sister will be thinking "ask her learn diving, she say body kena ripped apart by sharks. Ask her learn horse riding, she not interested. She can learn skiing meh? Not scared roll down the slopes and hit the rocks and die?"

2) Continue my Japanese. Although it's of no use for me now that I'm no longer meeting Japanese that often, or neither am I going to be a translator. But... my Japanese is very 'lan' now. Wah piang eh............this mad woman can't even master her teochew, wanna learn another language!

Woah! Lily Ann Shop selling VCDs
We're waiting for our TV console which is to be delivered on Friday.
I took some time to clear the drawers first. And oh my! We have so much VCDs! Athena's VCDs were the largest - she has all her full volume of Spot, Maisy, Wheels on The Bus, SO Smart, Baby Einstein, Cubeez, Beatrix Potter etc... and what nots. Actually I counted and think I had spent close to a 4-digit sum or maybe 4-digit sum on all her VCDs. That's not it! The videos of Athena were alot too! We had all our holidays' videos.
Second largest - mine! My music took up the most. What to do, I'm either stuck in book stores or music stores - never leaving the place once empty handed. My CDs consisted on classicals, new Age, instrumentals, musicals (I'm a musical freak. Everytime I watch one, must buy one. So the collection is alot) , jazz. My DVDs are classics like Sound of Music - all time favourite, My Fair Lady - all time favourite, Cleopatra, Roman Holidays, Casablanca etc... can't believe I go for all these kinds of shows huh?
So many VCDs, I can open a shop from home and sell them away.


Karmeleon said...
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Karmeleon said...

Urgh about the bow-hairs coming off. I hate that too.

Re: straight bowing. To prevent this "wind-shield wiper syndrome", I think u might be better off cutting a slit on one side of the toilet roll and sticking it to the sides of the fingerboard instead!

Something like this:
Daniel was using a hard armband by the brandname of "FireFly" here. It was just a novelty to him. I'd just used a toothpick stuck to the sides of the fingerboard with blutack.

Karmeleon said...

Eh, I got a "brain-wave" after reading about your toilet-roll.

See what I did:

Lily Ann said...

Yah.. I don't mind if its becoz' of excessive playing the hair strays. Nothing is done and she spoils it!
Thanks for the advice, I tried and it worked a little. She ends up hitting the bridge. So I will have to put both sides to try it out.

Karmeleon said...

v good idea! but play between bridge & find tuners can get "kiak, kiak" sound like in a horror movie. *HAHA*

If u watch the video clip of the St Nic's String Orchestra (with the screaming) on my blog, you'd understand. *hehe*