Monday, May 28, 2007

Boring weekend / $$ ripping Monday!!

27th May
Was so lucky I managed to do what I needed to do with the children before we left for lunch.

Thought it's going to be somewhere near like in Punggol Plaza. Dunno why mad hubby decided to go to the Food Fest. On a Sunday somemore?! We saw the long trail of cars going to the carpark and wanted to turn out. But somehow he realised it isn't as crowded as what he thought coz' they barricaded so that cars who needs to turn right into the carpark will have to make a U-turn upfront. We were lucky there were quite plentiful of lots.

Went in, real stupid to have a stroller in a crowded place. And some idiots walking behind me can tell me "excuse me. excuse me." Siao! Then I hate it when those walking infront of you suddenly stop their tracks and then I can't stop in time, the wheel crash into their ankles. And they start looking at you like murderer like that. Got a few "tsk tsk" from those ah-ma who stop their tracks in the middle of the walkway, I can't turn left or right coz' I'm sandwiched. Then they turn and look so bloody fierce when the wheels kissed their ankles. Argh! I hAtE CrOwDeD places!!

I couldn't wait to get out of the place. Infact, didn't walk much. We went in first to look for food. And I didn't really walk coz' had to feed mei-mei while hubby looked for food. And I don't have appetite to eat.

Guardian big sale on too! Wanted to buy a cute shower sponge for Athena. Long queue for cashier. Ah... no way! Put back the thing and walked out.

Then saw some mad people sitting infront of two doors. I know there are many doors where anybody can walk in/out, we don't have to particularly go out using that door. But they could have sat along the hall wall. Children sit on the floor somehow we can pardon them, but stupid adults sit there. Think they are camping!

Ai yoh.... I go out crowded places, I become mad and feel like killing somebody like that. Better to stay at home or shopping centres where there are more interesting things to see.

We then left for home, but Athena wants to go Ikea. Brought her to the playground the moment we were there. While walking to change Aricia's diapers, I saw Jenny's husband sitting outside. Really surprised to see them there, I thought the children were supposed to go for their classes?? Or is that on every Saturdays? Anyway, I had a feeling I would bump into someone I know today.
Chatted with Jenny and her hubby for a short while. I had to kill time.. actually quite easy with a baby who refuses to sleep when we're outside. I bought her a hotdog, and she ate half of it after her milk. So the time was spent on feeding; playing. Left the place after dropping by the Cafe.

Athena is very tired, she didn't sleep at all in the afternoon. So decided not to do anymore things with her. I didn't want to give her violin lessons coz' it's out of tune and I hate listening to an un-tuned violin. It was play play and playtime for her.

28th May
Decided to go down gym immediately after dropping Athena off so that I can visit mom & hopefully head back home early. Stupid idea! I was ripped of my $$$
Stupid me! Should have done my research early.

Was charged $1.50 at the PIE near Kallang ERP gantry, and then the next shock came $4.50 at the sliproad to CTE. My eyes almost popped out; I thought there was some miscalculation.

After gym at the Novena branch, I had to head towards Outram. Got deducted $0.50 again near Sim Lim tower. Lucky thing after that, I kept to the wrong lane and ended up on the road between the National Museum and dunno where. If I had kept to the right lane and drive past Park Mall to get to Clemenceau, I would have been deducted again although will be 50 cents again. But I think it's ridiculous to get deducted $6.50 + whatever parking fee in Velocity + dunno how much in SGH.
Argh! Next time must plan my trip properly.

I'm glad I was there in time for the BodyCombat class, didn't know/remember they have it today.
So few people, alot of old people so my lousy kicks and punches look like a pro. They launched BodyCombat 32 last week (I think) and something new - ginga (hope it's spelt correctly).
After Combat went on the equipments. The PTs there seems more helpful, one stopped his tracks when he saw me trying to find the handle to change the leg piece. Another one was walking with his client and he corrected the way I did.
When I went to another equipment, that same guy came to show me how to adjust the handle and taught me how to do it properly. genuinely friendly or trying to find ways to break ice by asking me to sign up sessions?

Dunno if it's me but I met two weird ladies at the gym. One kept smiling at me (old lady); at first I thought it was friendly smile so I smiled back. Then looked elsewhere and somehow our eyes connected; again she smiled and somewhat has that leaned forward gesture like trying to hint to me that she knows me / or seen me before. I smiled back and then it happened another time. Eee.....
At the shower room, I left my gym bag on the seat outside my locker while I was blow-drying my hair. This lady came looking for locker to put her things (or so I thought), and so many empty lockers she die die want to use the one I just did. Then she did the most inconsiderate thing, she used her umbrella to push my bag away. I turned to move my bag when I saw her doing that. Then she peered into another empty locker, dunno inspecting what.
She opened up her bag and told me "ai yoh.. my water bottle spill on my shirt." she stupidly used a tissue to wipe and I was kapo enough to tell her to use the hairdryer to dry it. She didn't hear me. Then she made small conversation, " going home already? You come very early?? Ai yoh... at that time I'm still sleeping."
Then she carried both bags on each shoulder and walked away to other side. Oh.. maybe she's going to the toilet to change. But no! 2 minutes later she came back and chatted with the security lady. Then she walked out again with her bags. ?!?! So is she coming in or going off already? She didn't look like she's finished exercising. Weird!

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