Monday, May 14, 2007

The day

Went to Sim Lim Square to have my player changed after I drop Athena in school.
Thank goodness Roderick attended to me well, if not I'm going to kick up a big fuss. Well, at least now I got what I deserved - minus parking fee + petrol which could have been avoided in the first place!
I had some time to idle around, so brought her to Burlington Sq's Burger King. Fed her her milk break in mid morning, followed by some hash browns. Then she started showing something new she's learnt. She closes her eyes tight and grin. Opens her eyes and smile at me. She did that a couple of times. I got the hint it's something new. This girl is very amusing, keeps me entertained so much.

Popped by to visit mom with Aricia in tow (coz' initially I wanted to bring her see doctor for her rashes, but it looked better in the morning so didn't in the end). Since mei-mei's with me, I can't go up to the ward. Mom was able to come down to meet me in Delifrance. My ah-gou and ah-deo (father's sister and husband) was there also, so we had lunch together.

Mom had to go back for ultrasound, so we made a move. I had 2hours plus to spare before I need to leave (wherever I am) to pick Athena up. Decided the nearest place to drop by would be Great World City, since I haven't been there for quite a while already.
Aricia likes it when I bring her out, she'll be so happy- kicking, smiling etc.... this time round she was making me wet! She drool quite alot now, so she's dripping her saliva on my toes; on my hands; on my shoulder etc... As usual wants to be carried, once I managed to put her down without any fuss. She was biting the stroller bar and then she decided to turn herself and come down on her own. Quite a sight to see a tiny baby with her legs dangling down in the front. In a CD shop, she was moving to the music and then started shouting at the top of her voice. I tell you, both my girls have loud voice. Buay tahan!

Dropped by Babies & Creams to find out about their Baby & mummy yoga class, which Wilma told me about. Wanted to join but the timing class with her Shichida on Friday and Athena's classes on Saturday. The only time they have - 3pm on Sundays. Arh??

Positive Infants (0 - 6 months)
Combine gentle yoga play, careful sensory stimulation ideas, massage, expressive communication and lots of musical moments, and you have a program that delights young infants, creates and strengthens their neural pathways and aids their growth. The programme also include guided forums to help accompanying parents develop the skills of positive parenting.

The components of the programme are designed to set the foundation for the intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of your precious little ones by providing tools that parents can use any time to promote Baby’s learning potentials:-

* careful sensory stimulation ideas
* gentle yoga play
* lots of musical moments
* expressive communication
* directed parents form

You will experience the positive changes that our unique program brings to you and your infants through these benefits:-

* Enhanced alertness
* Stronger immune functions
* Sleep better
* Improve appetite & digestive system
* Develop an active & healthy vestibular system that provides greater sense of balance and coordination.
* Parents are more confident about their Parenthood
* Parents are more attuned to Baby and themselves
* Develop a strong, nurturing bond
* Gain tools & choices to relax
* Develop a spontaneously positive vocabulary

An infant is born with around 100 billion brain cells, all of which are waiting to be connected. It is the connected neural pathways that determine the effectiveness of the brain. How many of these cells will be connected and how strong these connections will be are all dependent on the infant’s early experiences.

We provide parents extensive ideas to help Baby develop these pathways through positive experiences that are diverse, enriching and also enduring.

Positive Babies (7 - 15 months)
During this period, baby's growth accelerates. His increasing cognitive development results in inquisitiveness and emerging self-awareness. Critical to his first learning experience is the opportunity to explore and express.

POSITIVE BABIES provides stimulating activities for both babies and parents through:-

* Yoga play
* object play
* simple sign language
* exercises with songs and rhymes
* fun tools to capitalize on this vital developmental stage

The above endows you with the tools to promote learning potentials and holistic development of your babies.

Discover with other parents the positive changes that our unique program will bring to you and your babies though these benefits:-

* Increased alertness

* Stronger immune functions

* Develop an active & healthy vestibular system that provides greater sense of balance and coordination

* Sleep Better

* Feed better

* Nurtured to be more ready to receive new experiences, thereby gaining a greater and more effective neural pathway connections

* Develop wider movement vocabulary and competence

* Promote speech readiness

* Develop socially confidence

* Develop body & spatial awareness

* Parents are more confident about their Parenthood

* Parents are more attuned to their child and themselves

* Develop a strong, nurturing bond

* Gain tools & choices to relax

* Develop a spontaneously positive vocabulary

Positive Tots (16 months - 3 years)
The Positive Tots programme provides parents with the tools to ease the 'terrible two' syndrome. At this stage, Toddlers' emerging curiosity and need to move, to explore objects, sounds and other external stimuli are critical to their development. This is also the stage where toddlers are beginning to communicate with the outside world through the use of elementary vocabulary and sign language.

POSITIVE TOTS Programme Components include the following:-

* yoga play

* interactive story time

* more fun and challenging movement exploration & expansion of locomotive, gross & fine motor skills

* imitation / mirror play

* guided object exploration to promote verbal skills and develop ability to follow instructions

* imaginative play

* positive discipline (understanding and appreciating boundaries)

* expressive communication through postures/movements/body language/facial expressions

* directed parent-forum with learning goal highlights

Through our weekly classes, you and your toddler will discover the following benefits:

* Gain greater command of physical abilities, balance, flexibility and coordination.

* Gain inhibitory control skills- knowing how to stop oneself when necessary (self - control)

* Learn to regulate emotions through relaxation tools

* Develop confidence and independence

* Increase vocabulary and comprehension through awareness of facial and body expressions to support verbal expressions

Passed by MyGym and went to check it out. They have the same concept as Tumble Tots but more equipment. And if you're a member, you're allowed to use the area in the Open Gym time.

Was looking for bakeware. I feel like baking cakes (that is if I don't poison my family with it). But I have a big problem - I use microwave so I have to use wares that are microwave safe. Duh! If I had known, I should have gotten a conventional oven. Umm.... maybe next time when we move (if we move that is). I also want to try those Wilton pans but it's so big! Cos don't forget microwaves are smaller as compared to conventional ovens. Argh! Don't ask me why suddenly the thrill to bake and bake. Ah! Maybe for a short while only, after that I'll stop. Haha!
Saw silicone bakewares which claims can tahan the high temperatures. Was attracted to one that can make madeleine, another I saw two others - letters and numbers.

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