Monday, March 5, 2007


Haven't had much time to write over the weekend, and it's a good thing that the children are asleep since 9pm to leave me some time to update. But it's also not a good thing... coz' it means that my active kids aren't active to keep me on my toes now.

Well, to cut the story short. Thought Athena should be able to attend school today, but mom called me in the morning to say that her fever came back again. And I'm like a stupid fool having to travel from Punggol to Tampines and back to Sengkang. So doctor said it's the flu they've both got now - not the aftermath of the vaccination, sounded phlegmy too(worse for mei-mei) so no choice antibiotics were given to the two of them. Aricia had to use the neubalizer at the clinic before we left. At first she was okay with it, amused with it then she got so angry and was crying out. Small but mighty lungs and strength - pushed my hands away and tried to wriggle herself out.
Athena's fever kept going up / down / up / down like a roller coaster these days. The mother's mind is also like a roller coaster now. She wants me to sayang her, the little one needs me. How? I can't spilt myself into two? Her fever is far worse than Aricia's. And prove that both of them are united as sisters - they both are red in their inner left ear.
To test whether the fever had gone to Athena's brain, I kept joking and teasing her and she smiled - she's alright. But still it worries me when it gets so high 38.4 above that I kept sponging her. Tiring to keep doing it - now even updating of this entry I had to leave my laptop to sponge her. I didn't even get to finish my dinner - steamed egg tofu with shitake mushrooms!!
Mei-mei's nose kept dripping souvenirs for me. But good thing she's still active.

I pray hard my children gets well soon. Otherwise I'll go crazy. Already my mom can't help me (doing confinement for my SIL), and when she learnt that Athena is very sick - all the more she should keep away from her (as mom's immunity system is low). Hubby is out of the country, so it's my helper KZ and me. But I must compliment my helper for taking the initiative when I'm busy with one, and the other cries - she'll run to comfort that child. Tonight, she sleeps with the little one while the older girl knows that she only wants me. I don't know how to thank her for her help these days, and her prayers too! (she's always praying for our family)

Anyway, Ms Chan called to inform that there's 2 cases of HFMD in her school and advise me to keep her out of school for the time being. She knows I always play precaution when there's a case in her school, especially now with a little one at home. I don't mind.... (anyway these days she hasn't even had the time to do her music revision; study or assessment books).. But as long as she's well, I'm willing to keep her out from school and bring her go jalan-jalan.
I hope she can make it for tomorrow's violin class. Otherwise we will have to skip this ongoing class and wait for the next intake.

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