Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Losing weight

The most dreadful thing a woman can deal with is her body after childbirth.

And being the vain mother, I wanted to be slim down. And to think my stupid father can tell me (when I'm stroking Iggy) "quickly, you go to have another boy then you stop lah! And Pauline (SIL) can go and have another girl." Frustrated for having to try so hard to lose the weight, he's still suggesting this?!
Actually I do enjoy my pregnancies and children , it's the bringing up of children that makes me want to stop at two. Otherwise I would be a sow and help the country's population.

I've been trying to lose weight the logical and hard way - exercise and watch my diet. I'm losing it very slow but I'm simply IMPATIENT. I want a quick way! Going to gym has become a chore to me, coz' I'm going because I have to not I want to. And not forgetting the zipping from Punggol - Tampines - Orchard - Punggol - busy with Aricia - Punggol - Tampines - Punggol (or whatever classes) - busy with Athena, makes me tired.
Sad to say, it's going to take a long long long long long time to lose the extra flabs coz' there's no such thing as spot reduction at all!

I've been watching what I eat. Chocolates; desserts - can see cannot eat. Quite poor thing leh! I eat carefully and surprisingly my appetite has also gone smaller. Or course I'm not talking about crash diets helping me to lose weight. I can't do a crash diet, coz' I still need the energy to mind the kids and for my gym-ing.
Then................hubby had to give me a big surprise today by buying my 700g L'Opera cake from Carrefour. I finished the whole thing the last time, remember? Wah piang ah..... so many times, I simply looked and walked away when I was in Carrefour but now there's one in my fridge - how to resist?

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Jemej said...

OH my, that must have been very HARD to resist! I can never say no to anything chocolate. =p