Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Her first violin lesson

I never knew she could co-operate so well with me. I don't even have to ask her to wear her clothes, she wore it herself without sulking. Why?? Because she knows today is her violin lesson. She is never that enthusiastic with her YJC class.

Finally managed to pay and register her today prior to her class, she was the only one without a violin - coz' I didn't know where I should go and had been busy myself. Anyway I reckon nothing much will be taught in the first lesson.

After her lesson, zipped down to buy her the violin. The guy in the shop kept saying that 1/10 is suitable for her, but I noticed the other kids' violins are 1/8 size, and the teacher Miss Low did comment that one child's violin (of 1/10 size is small). I thought okay, never mind he did the measurement but I will check with Ms Low on their next lesson. And asked if he can give me 2 weeks grace instead of 1-week as there's no lesson next week. He don't mind as long as we don't play the violin. I agreed and told Athena not to play it at all.

Athena was so happy with her violin and carried it without complaining (otherwise she'll always complain her schoolbag or water bottle is very heavy blah blah..)
When we got home, I reminded not to play the violin and went to shower when I heard an "yi yi or or" outside. Oh no! Can't change liao!

When I came out a little fuming mad at her, she proudly show me. "Mummy you see..." Her position seemed right to me and she used the bow to make some sounds. She was so happy and excited to share with my helper and her mei-mei - I had no heart to scold her.

And... can you imagine... you have to keep buying violins as they grow up. I wonder if they allow trade-in?? I mean.... what can I do with the violins after she's outgrow them?

Her violin

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Karmeleon said...

Don't worry. It's always better to use a slightly smaller violin than a larger one. Less strenuous, especially when just starting to learn. I'm using a 3/4-size myself and I'm an adult.