Saturday, March 31, 2007

Aricia mei-mei

After I've been complaining about Aricia's development - she can finally sit! When I propped her up, she remained seated and started playing, instead of sliding herself down flat and laugh. Of course we will not let her sit too long at a time, still in the training stage. But I'm thankful that she's learning something new now. Still moving backwards, and she moves really fast. Often she likes it more when she has her legs dangling down on the sofa sides or bed sides. But once she does that, I carry her up and back. And she'll do it again. Now she's found something new to test my patience. Hasn't said her "ba's, pa's" at all. Did manage to catch her say "ma" and today she said something else. We nicknamed Athena "na-na", and were calling her when suddenly heard Aricia saying "na" Wonder when she'll start crawling. She's really cute. Love her so so much!

She loves it when I turn on her VCD. Will sit there and watch it. Today, I was alternating the VCD when she started kicking excitedly when the trailer came on. Dunno what's so interesting about that.
Came back home in the afternoon and saw a cute and pretty baby smiling at me. Although the 'coconut' thing is a trend in the past.. KZ tied her hair up and she looks so charming. Athena didn't look that cute last time with her 'coconuts'. I think it's because Aricia has curly hair so it kinds of open like a flower and it nicer than a straight one.

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