Sunday, December 31, 2006

Why tell me such thing?

What mom just (less than 20minutes ago) said pissed me off!

She stayed over since Athena was asking her to, and they both slept on Athena's bed. I heard her coughing through the baby monitor and walked over to check on her.
Then mom said "how come she keeps coughing.... she never cough so much when she stayed over at my place?"
What does she mean when she said those words?
1) That my house's possessed?- so she's coughing more at my place?

Then mom said "you got any medicine to give her or not?" "I have been giving it to her everyday what?!" "And you don't expect it to cure so fast?"
"Give her some more now.."
"I give her now she'll still cough what! You already know that a person coughs more when he/she is lying flat.."

And how can she blame me??
►She knows how many times I've been warning her and my family about not caving in to her requests in buying sweets for her, even if she does sit down on the floor in protest.
►She knows how displeased I am when they do give it to her
►She knows how frustrated I am whenever I past this remark "you jolly well know that the chinese sinseh advised us that in order to stop her bronchitis from getting worst; is to stop giving her anything sweet for the next 2 years. Everytime, you all start giving her sweets.. she starts coughing. And when she starts coughing, who takes care of her? It's ME! Don't throw her back at me!!

And it's not like I've got the patience in the whole wide world to take care of her, since now I've to take care of the little one - exhausting me out.

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