Sunday, December 24, 2006

Tis' the seasons to be jolly

Ritually we'd join the throngs of people in Orchard on the Eve. Strange that this year, it didn't seem crowded and it didn't sound ridiculous having to push a stroller in Orchard Road.

But, alas! The rain came.. when we had already left the car somewhere in one end of Orchard and having lunch on the other side. No rain shield for the pram, no umbrellas for the Ah Pek & Ah Soh. Yalah, that's why we're the APAS (ah pek, ah soh). Actually the APAS can walk in the rain, infact the AS enjoyed walking in the rain so much that she and Jasmine deliberately walked the long way to another bus stop along East Coast - opposite St Pat's.

Anyway, in order to get the kids in the pram. We asked Athena to carry her mei-mei. And once she heard us talking "cham lah, Aricia's legs will get wet. The plastic cannot cover her legs." Next minute, I didn't see the legs, apparently Athena was clever enough to bring up her sister's legs.
Then during our outing, she attracted alot of stares and smiles from people who were pleased that a child at her age could take care of her sister.
I won't go on about what we did, just read Athena's blog.

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