Friday, December 29, 2006

Baby is small

I am used to the stares that I get from people, I get stares with Baby Athena too - but not as much as Aricia.

I am used to seeing people gasp at the sight of the 'little mouse', with her eyes opened big & smiling & head held up looking at things around her. She does look like a little mouse. But...........she's cute. I like her this way, I'm not saying this just to counsel myself. But many a times people tactfully tell me, "it doesn't matter if they're small at birth, most importantly they must be healthy." I don't know if they mean it or they were just being polite.

I mean, what can I do? Some people have big babies despite their small size, I am destined to have small babies (probably each time getting smaller) Honestly speaking, I wouldn't mind a small baby coz' it'll be easier for natural delivery. Darn! If not for the "fate of the child" for Athena, I believed I could have just popped her out just like that. And it saves me from the pain from C-section for both deliveries.
And I shouldn't worry about my baby being small too, coz' Athena did very well and she's grown up to be like any 4 year old. Infact, now I get remarks from "huh? she's 4 years old. So big.." So why should I worry??
Aricia might be like her sister, whose going to be taller than mummy. (Thanks to daddy's genes) Even if she doesn't grow big, she might make up with her being a "sharp" young girl. There's this girl called Xinhui in Athena's school, she's one year older but she's really small - even Athena towers over her - but she's a very sharp and streetwise child.

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