Tuesday, December 12, 2006

* slap in the head *

Feel like slapping myself in the head. I'm so stupid! I'm so blur! I'm so....!

This morning I dressed up and was ready to bring Aricia for her vaccination in Rivervale Mall and jalan-jalan in Compass Pt.
Somehow (thankfully) I have no idea why I decided to take a look at her appointment card and gasp! I got the wrong date, it's due next Tuesday. Good thing I didn't make a trip there and make a fool out of myself.

Nevertheless, since I was dressed up I thought I might as well go down Compass Pt earlier than planned. It was close to 11am when I reached there, so presumed most shops are still closed. From the atrium, I looked up to see which shops are opened and there I saw Converse right smack in my eyes. Feel like slapping myself in the head! KZ said she needed to get a pair of All Stars shoes. And I brought her around Orchard on Friday to look for it fruitlessly, and then there's a store close to where I stay?!?!

I shan't go in details on where or what I did, but basically Aricia's stroller is filled with bags at the end of the shopping spree.

However, there is something which I need some enlightening from my readers. Why would Yoshinoya (吉野家) call it a 'Value Meal' when it costs 20 cents cheaper if I bought the two items separately? And why a meal when there's no drink?

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