Friday, December 8, 2006

Thank goodness..

Thank goodness KZ was with me the whole day. I thought a simple day-out with 2 kids will be easy, afterall 1 will be sleeping alot and another is old enough to listen to me.

When 1 cry, especially the little one, the older one starts to whine for my attention "I want mummy, I love mummy....." It's very irritating sometimes you know? I already feel so pek-chek with a crying baby which I'll have to figure out why she's crying.. and the big one starts to try to snatch me away.

Going to the movies with Athena is easy, as long as I have some snacks to make that mouth busy. But today she was very cranky in the cinema(maybe she was trying to get attention from me)
Aricia did throw a fuss for a short while wanted to be carried in a certain position , other than that she was a darling. Athena on the other hand, didn't want me to carry Aricia kept telling me she wants this & that.

The day out in brief can be found here.

Honestly speaking, I don't know if I can bring the two of them out together again. I want to spend time with them but it might drive me crazy in the process.

Aricia taken at Caffe Beviamo

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