Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Attempts to lactate Day 4 / Day 5

Day 4 (Tue)

Huh? Attempt what? Was out almost the whole day that I didn't attempt anything. And when I was outside, it was not convenient to put her to breast.

Night time I simply put her to suckle for fun without the SNS.

Pumping is slightly better, quantity did increase a little. I don't know if it's due to the SNS help or the water consumption. (replaced my 600ml bottle for a 1.2l bottle. Hopefully it'll make me drink more water)

Feelings : not so depressed over the pumping yet, coz' I didn't do my best on the SNS today.

Day 5 (Wed)

Umm........ put her on the SNS, and she drank more this time. Only needed to syringe in the remaining 30mls into her. And that girl have to smile at me; deliberately spill milk out from sides of mouth. I told her off, she still smile at me?? In all, she wasted about 7mls of milk. Still! Thank goodness it's not EBM.

I think she knows the tube is there and is protesting, coz' she still complains to me.
Tried her on the SNS most of the times except one feed when I had to bring Athena to her music lesson. Apparently, she sometimes gila gila will drink alot or little. I think she's tired sucking the tube - although it's already the fastest flow.
At least today's not so bad with the tubing in the way , once I didn't pay attention and the tube fell out and my dress was a little wet with milk.

Pumping : Okay, still the same amount as yesterday. However must admit for the pumping session after I came back from a short trip outside and after getting back home - the amount was miserable.

Feelings : I think I'm already immuned to the word - depressed. Shan't make myself feel so depressed. I should think a little positive that I'm trying (though not my best - but slowly lah! You also cannot force a person who can't stay at home for long to suddenly coop myself up everyday right?)

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