Monday, February 25, 2008

My cake - something's not right

Decided that I should do the Premix Chiffon Cake and I should say it was a failure. I don't understand how it can go wrong since it's a premix.
The instructions asks for a baking time of 45-50mins at 170 deg celcius, but I baked at 30 mins to play safe. >> The taste is there but the cake is not fluffy as it should be (it's harder than that), the outer layer is not soft and crumbs dropping all over kind. Does it mean that I should follow the time to really get that fluffy feel? But ... it's already harder than it should be, baking it longer will make it hard like a rock what?!

Second batch (yah lah! not enough cake pans), I reduced the time again to 20 mins. The same leh.....

What is wrong? I don't understand. Is it because of the pans? Coz' the inside texture is something like my cake kueh bolu
The outside looks exactly the same too!

What's wrong? Notice how all chiffon cakes in shops looks like? With a hole in the middle? Does it mean it needs "breathing space" while baking and mine didn't have space so it became hard?
Perhaps I should try with the pan and see how.
Perhaps....I should do what hubby said "go and buy from cake shops."

This is definitely A HOLE IN MY HEART!!

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