Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's a ............

I decided to try out the baking cake function on our microwave.

And so I searched for the recipe, mixed and diligently whisked (really tired). And once done, I excitedly put the batter into the small pans.

Pressed the preset button and wait and wait. Half the time wondering if my oven will burn my house down. I thought the presetted timing is too long..but oh well it shouldn't be wrong right?

Umm............looks alright to me.

* ding *

Had a shock of my life. HARD LIKE A ROCK. I was making cake not
rockbun! Goash!

It's still edible..... and it tastes more like .......kueh bolu to me and sure does look like one too? Huh??

Photos of the disgusting, charred cakes kueh bolu

The Dora the Explorer, which didn't look like her - looks more like rugby ball to me.

KZ seems to like it, though it's very sweet. I had to ask her, if this is very sweet aren't chocolates even sweeter??

Never mind, Athena will like it - she loves kueh bolu.

Batch number 2

Now I used the manual baking

Looks better, softer to the touch - can't use it to hurl at anyone. Can see the contrasting colours, such colourful sight *yucks*

Still can't make out Dora.

Brought some over to mom for her to try, she likes the charred ones. Huh? To think that I left most of them at home coz' KZ say she likes it charred. And I thought give my mother the more presentable ones mah!
She said "yes, like what KZ said. You can bake some and keep it for CNY." I need to bake cakes not kueh bolu! least with my mistake I made kueh bolu and I can use my mistake recipe for it next time.
And I must get that cake right.
That night, I gave it to Athena to try and she loves it. She made sure she put the Dora cake kueh in her bag to bring to school today. Doesn't it feel good to have a spoilt food appreciated??

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