Friday, February 8, 2008

2nd day of CNY

Basically it's a rest day as we have no where to go, don't want to go anywhere... we are old and we just want to vegetate at home; take time to enjoy family company before hubby leaves on Monday. I know he travels often and this is nothing unusual but I don't know why I'm sulking this time round coz' we can't really celebrate our anniversary (and I haven't even bought his present yet); Valentine day, yuan xiao jie and..... by the time he comes back home, the CNY is over. Okay okay.... I'm just being a sulky old ah-soh finding fault with everything. And infact, it left me sulking even more when hubby asked me if I wanted to accompany him in the second half of his trip, I'd take the plane on my own (which I don't mind) and join him in NJ. It's tempting me, since I'm dying for a US trip and can ....(Very crazy and dunno if hubby is going to approve their birthday parties this year.) I wanted to say yes since he said I can go alone without the kids, I thought it'd be nice to spend time away from the noisy kids & he brought it up to me twice. So he really don't mind me tagging along without the kids (normally he prefers the whole family together). I almost agreed until I remembered the kids. Shucks! Mom is going China on 17th and there's no one to help me look after the kids. I can't leave the 2 kids alone with KZ for sure. And I need someone to help me shuttle the kids for their classes. Damn! @$#*! Sorry, I know no explicit language during CNY but... I'm damn pissed off! Here I have a final chance of going ahead and I had to blew it again. And we dunno when exactly he'll fly to US this year, I hope the office calls him back more often. Okay, tomorrow I shall pray about this "more trips to US, more trips to US.. Amen!" Old + Sulking = I do home facial to try to forget about my anger. Feels better on the face but I still can't say about my inner feelings and the hidden wrinkles in my dermis. I feel so odd not letting do her assessment books or do music revision. But I fear 年初二 I scream & scold at my daughter, then it means for the rests of the year I'll be screaming/scolding at her. Try to tahan first. Late afternoon, parents came by our place (like what they do during the previous years.) Came to 拜年. Haha! Sounds funny, and like us they have not many places to go since alot of relatives are in Malaysia so.... anyway we don't mind coz' the kids wants to play with them. They had dinner at our place together with brother and SIL who came by later. Dinner started with 魚生 which hubby went to buy at last minute. Followed by dinner. Poor Aricia had the swing fell on her. Actually she was really lucky that she's that small size, the swing kindda fell and missed her (only a bit of her head was hit) I don't know who folded up the swing but didn't keep it inside the storeroom. So it was an accident waiting to happen, and it had to be HER! The kiddos played We forgot!! No! I forgot!! Today's Ignatius's birthday - to think I've got it marked down in my blog; in my mobile and I still forgot. Argh!! Can't bake in time, I have the premix pandan chiffon cakemix but it will be my first time trying it and I can't fail the cake if I want to present it a cake = pressure on me / on the cake. So I think I had better not bake it. To make up for it, I presented him with : ginger cookies from Ikea. Wanted to do a 3D effect stack up to look like a cake but dunno why alot of broken pieces so I just did this simple and boring thing. But it's the thought that counts right? Too thoughtful that I did it too well in advance and the cookies were soft. Argh!

A is for Ah Gu (dua-gu) and Athena!! With that, the second day came to an end with Athena staying over in mom's place tonight.

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