Sunday, February 3, 2008


Mumblings, ooh I never seem to have much time talking rubbish trash talk lately. My blog is getting even more boring.

Potty training
Tried potty training Aricia = FAILED!
Two weeks ago, tried to put her in the toilet seat. Took off her diaper and bring her to the toilet and about to put her down, she struggles; stretch her body straight; screaming loudly. Had to hold her doubly strong just incase she fights with me and I drop her accidentally in the toilet bowl??? She's so small..

And so I went on my quest to Kiddy Palace to get her a potty in Kiddy Palace. Had no idea how she'll fare with it so I thought I'd get her the cheap one.
This time round with the potty, all I need to do is to remove her diaper and she'll start screaming. FAILED VERY BADLY.

This girl has a fiery temper and great determination! So difficult. I wonder when I can train her.

Whole day "shitting"?
Aricia is trying to perfect her "sh" sound. So she tries to say "shoes" properly, end up she said "shi" which sounds like 'shit' to me.

Happy Feet
Ohh! They showed Happy Feet on HBO tonight. Then, it reminded me that it was Aricia's first movie.

CNY decoration
Been really lazy this year, didn't put up much of the decoration - coz' will have to take them down after that.
However on Friday, Athena came back with this - which we hung it in our living room. So proud of her work!

Demure young girl??
KZ put the hairband on her and she looks so .........ah girl girl. Ehh.. that is until she opens her mouth and screams or when she sits with her legs wide open.

The Cuckoo And The Donkey song
Peggy is teaching them the solfege of this song, and I like the tune so much. Tried looking for the scoresheet of this song, I ended up finding it in German - but it's of a totally different tune. Click here

Erratic weather
Heard the news of the disruption in transportation in China and I'm so thankful that hubby made it back in time. Not that he was going to take a train back, but with the snow conditions I was worried if the airport might close. Thus repeating the second disruption - but no second time shopping in DFS for me. (haha - make up for the lonely wedding anniversary & Valentine's day I'll be spending again.) True enough, he came back on Thursday and on Friday I heard the airport was closed.
Thankful that he is able to spend CNY with us, pity those chinese who are trying so hard to get back home for reunion.

Cheng Yu
Bought Athena a cheng yu book and..........
This is a page of the contents, the rests of the words are around this kind of tough standard.
5 minutes suggestion
I started trying the 5 minutes suggestion on Friday. Cannot take it lah! That girl cannot sit still in the second half of her class. I'm so tired..
Athena's class is gearing up for preparation for P1. I find it tough to pull her out from school and bring her out for her playdates with her friends. But I know I will have to do it one day. We've talked about the new Mickey place in Anchorpoint and want to bring our children there.
School holidays? I dunno leh... logical speaking it should be during the school hols but I guess I shall see how.

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