Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lil' Aricia - speech

Aricia sees Dora The Explorer and she goes "D..D..D...D...Dah" instead of "D..D..D..D..Dora"

Yesterday(11th), I was bathing her and I started saying " A for a a apple, B for b b ball, C for c c cat" all the way till P "P for p p poo poo" and I burst out laughing. At that time, she was playing with the sponge. She turned to look at me and said "Pa Pa". She was linking P to Papa??

After a long long time, she finally can call "Ah Yi". She was flipping the telephone book that brother printed for Athena. Many a times she'll go "ah ph plah..." softly (she still refuse to acknowledge my face & SIL) then now she calls sister "yi yi" which sounded more like 'eat eat' to me.

Very good progression of poo-pers (diapers) to dye-pees

Now says "heey..." for head
"Duuck" - duck

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