Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My house, the lodging

I was woken up from my afternoon nap by KZ informing me that there are a few visitors to my house.
My aircon ledge
I've shoo-ed them away countless times but they keep coming back.
We haven't opened the window to the aircon ledge since KZ did the spring cleaning for me. So, I was surprised that despite my shoo-ing and I thought the pigeon flew away to the next door's aircon ledge?? Maybe it did came back. And I saw the pigeon sitting there.
Pigeon sensed human around, trudged away. Next thing I saw...............

eggs! And it really did surprise me. Can you see the nest it made? Just a few twigs and strings?
I wanted to bring down the eggs downstairs coz' I do not want the pigeons to breed here and make a mess of my aircon ledge + noise + dunno for how long.
I told KZ that I'll stand guard just incase the pigeon came by attacking her like a vulture, while she helps me pick it up with a plastic bag and I'll bring it down. That is until I decided to call my SPCA - my sister if the pigeon will survive if I brought it down. "Of course it will die.. might as well just throw it down the chute." Being a charitable person, she asked me to keep it until the hatchlings are hatched, it will learn to fly and then fly away. But goodness knows how long. Imagine what would my neighbours think ( that I'm breeding pigeons in my place) and dirtying their clothes - as it is it (I believe it's the same pigeon) there were poos on 2 of our laundry.

Anyway, as I looked up I notice another 'bodyguard' was on the kitchen ledge above my unit looking directly down at me. It made some noise to the other pigeon and.... pigeon flew back and looked at me??

Shucks! Not again!! First was the little pretty SNY bird that landed in our window ledge sometime last year. I know it's good luck for a bird to want to come to my place, my sister said "the bird feels the warmth and love in our place to want to lay eggs here" - I say it's a whole load of rubbish. With a screaming mother, what love? With a ballistic mother, what warmth? It's coz' we gave it a nice border to make a nest - the hose. I didn't notice the hose had dropped from our bucket to the floor - or maybe KZ would have seen it but never picked it up. Or maybe it was shoo-ed from the upstairs neighbour (KZ said she heard it and went to see the man using a bamboo pole to shoo it away) to our place.
Sister suggested my place can be a National Geographic place where I can teach the children about caring + dunno what nots to work on their EQ. And it'll be great for the children to see first hand. What? My children open the window everyday to see the progression.
I'm still considering if I should do my humane bit for the society as what sister puts it. What? I hate pigeons!! I hate it when I was in Trafalgar and at Dam Square their bloody whole flock of pigeons just flew past my head. Eeeks! So won't I be contradicting myself by letting it stay here? And what if it comes back again to breed?

But why I want to save the life of that hatchling is coz' it's .... I can't explain. For sure I won't save the lives of a cockroach, lizard or rat. That's why I want to bring it down, but it won't survive. I hate pigeons! And you know what? I just finished a set of flashcards on Pigeons. !!!! Next topic should be on diamonds, then diamonds will drop from the sky into my house.

I am curious, if I should let it stay on, about pigeons. Reading up on it.... why am I doing this when I hate pigeons!
Interesting reads :
Pigeon Egg
It's interesting.... we have 2 eggs here. No wonder sister ask me "is it fertile?" "Of course it's fertile lah! You think like chickens can lay eggs on it's own huh?" Now I know, it can by bogus egg.
Another read - ignore the part about homing, I'm not going to keep it here at all, just read for the facts. 19 days?!?! I don't even know when the eggs were laid and can I tahan the noise or not?

Pictures from someone's Flickr.

Facts - the other inhumane part of me tells me so

Just checked - Pigeon sitting on it.

I'm still considering, I wonder what hubby will say when he comes back to find out I've been having illegal immigrants in my house.
If I did let it stay on, will I be an angel when I die?
If I didn't, will I be sent down to hell?

If..... if....... what will you do?

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