Sunday, February 17, 2008


It's really amazing to hear words coming out from lil' Aricia and it does surprise me. Surprise me that she paid attention to what we said and understands when to use the word.
Today, she surprised me by suddenly shouting "finish. Mummy finish" when she finished her dinner. She was mimicking che-che for shouting to me "mummy I finish my dinner"

She never calls me mummy, normally calls me ma ma (and still calls daddy "Ah PAaaaaa" - shouting.)

Can say "pay pay" - pain pain

She is now "singing " to another German song, she stopped "singing" her favourite songs.
Now, interested in French as well. She'll "sing" along to 1-2 French song. And when I played Sawako in French, she'd smile. And I did realise that after listening to it, she decided to call me "mamie"-french slang for Grandma. Argh! Or maybe she thought mamie was mummy

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