Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another joke

Athena told me one day, "mummy, who finish the meal last in school have to clean the table." My first remark was "so you must have cleaned the table alot of times."
A : No! Neil clean the table. He always eat very slow, one by one
M : You eat very slow also. So tell me how many times did you clean the table. Alot of times?
A : No! Neil clean the table alot of times.
M : Only Neil and Athena clean the table? (must be very slow)
M : How many times?

A : Only 3 times.
M : Huh? 3 times? That's alot. So how many times did Neil clean the table?

A : 1 time

Now as I typed and she's reading this, she's telling me it's not 1 time. It's 9 times he cleaned the table. Heng ah..... so she's not that slow afterall.

I checked from her today:

* Neil - 9 times
Athena - 3 times

Wei Zhe - 2 times

Yi Jie - 2 times

Jia Hui, Zhen Yong, Si Xian - 1 time

Malcom, Qi Jie, Oliver, Jachelle, Nashvin - 0 time

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