Thursday, February 14, 2008

The time difference joke

If only children knows what is Time Difference.

Hubby called back home and I told Athena "quick come to the phone. Papa has to work later, he just woke up" and it was 7+pm here. Obviously she is confused.

Never mind, children don't know anything and they will have to learn that one day.

But............ this joke (as I related to KZ) was on mom.
During my flying days, I'd call back home. And mom dunno is it she ran out of topics to tell me, must say "it's XXX time here now." My reply "of course lah! I planned to call you now in the afternoon what!"
Sometimes she'll ask "what day is it today in US?" "Wednesday afternoon." "Huh? Now is Thursday morning." "Of course lah! I call you, I must know what time right?"
And this continued throughout my whole flying career!!

That's not it, we were in Greenwich. I asked her to stand between the GMT line and joked "so now, you can say you travel from east to west with one step"
"how come the weather the same huh"

You're having stitches from all the laughing huh? And to conclude the whole story - that's my MOM

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