Sunday, February 17, 2008

All my nonsense talks

Girls = Princess
When we came back home last Sunday from Victoria's BD party, he saw the goodie bags and said "not another Princess??" Until I reminded him that the birthday girl is a girl. Well, just the day before he was saying to Aricia "you like Princess also? Ai yoh! You and che-che....." then he walked away from the DVD section.
That makes me wonder why she didn't choose Princess as her theme this year. I kept asking "are you sure you wanted XXX, and not Princess?" "Yes mummy!"

She's been tip-toeing
She tells me she likes The 12 Dancing Princesses and she wants to learn ballet. Oh no! Very bad of me to give her a negative NO straight away. I didn't want her to start something and then give up halfway. Someone told me, can take it as a good exercise for her. I say it's going to be a waste of $$ coz' someday she'll complain that it's painful blah blah.

Only 15 minutes
Brought the kids to the pool on Friday and it was freaking cold. Aricia was enjoying herself and strangely she didn't mind Ignatius's swimcap, which he kept taking off. (Infact, she insisted on wearing that cap in the house.) She sat on the step & beat the water and kept laughing, while I tried to keep her warm by splashing the cold water over her shoulder - so I don't know if I was trying to keep her warm or made her colder. Then we walked into the baby pool and tried to dip her fully - water is really cold. I can feel the chills going into my nerves too. She splashed water but was shivering, I brought her out and she cried, brought her back in, she splashed and shivered, my body can't keep her warm at all. So in the end, it was only a dip for 15 minutes and KZ brought her to the toilet to wipe her dry. In the end, che-che also decided she wanted to come out.
So what were we doing for the next half hour? Bathing the kids, feeding the kids - all those took a longer time than the dip. Tell you, it's not worth getting ourselves wet that day.

Brought Athena for a haircut coz' she has been dropping alot of hair lately. As usual, she'll not want to cut her hair citing that she can't tie her hair anymore; she cannot be a Princess etc....

Know why the different expression??
She's about to cut off her tresses
A haircut which will eventually grow long; a treat to Sakae Sushi instead of Mcs; an offer of chocolate cake - OF COURSE SHE'S SMILING NOW
Was flipping through my Scrapbooking magazine and I really wonder how long it takes a person to do up one piece of work. I love the pretty embellishments, ribbons etc.. but I don't have the patience.
So it also sums up where I put my scrapbooking stuffs : my only less than 10 pieces of papers; some fancy A4 papers from Popular; embellishments;ribbons; tool kits

Pouvoir vous parle le français?
Aricia found some inspiration to speak in français recently. And when I tried to flash Vincent Van Gogh's works to Aricia today, I found my tongue got all twisted :
La Mousme
She was more interested in looking at my mouth than the cards and giggled.

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