Thursday, February 14, 2008

* Quick updates*

I haven't been able to post my blogs coz' I'm bee-zy (don't you get tired hearing me saying this all the time??)

Went to T3 for the first time and I must say I'm so fated to meet Mr C at the airport. Barely half an hour my hubby went into departure area and not even in Silver Kris Lounge, I cheated on him.

Mr C - CHOCOLATES!!! All Semi-sweet (my favourite)
The Pooh Smarties dispenser for the children. There's 10% discount for UOB CC holders. Well, that some good news for me. Hee!

The girl - one bag in her left hand
and another in her right hand

I decided to let Athena stay in mom's place tonight so that I can try to do as much as I can. I managed to print so many sets of cards. Very sian.... Aricia is getting sick and tired of the same songs already but I can't find the time to do the songs flashcards. Not that I'm being pretentious and act busy with the children when he's around. But since he's not around, and I can do without the children's interruption - I can try to finish my work. Wow! Talking about putting in OT without being paid and worst still risk falling sick.

I slept at 4am and woke up at 10+, feeling sluggish. I wanted to continue my work but I was so busy with Aricia that it was only at 3+ I was free. Abit too late, I'm only left with an hour and I can't accomplish much.
Athena came back home and then..... but thank goodness she said she's tired so I sent her to bed. She slept at 9+. So happy.. if only she can sleep early without her constant whining!! As for her assessment books and Phonics, I can do it on Thursday. I'll bring her home early from school and drill her.

Slept late and woke up early again, really tired and went gym. Bad idea coz' I wasn't in the mood so I guess I didn't work out well today.
But I was looking forward to the rest of the day alone. Had my chicken pie in CoffeeClub (very small portion now) and went into Facebook. Can you believe it? The speed I get in my mobile phone is faster than what I get at home. Starhub called and still there's nothing they can do about it. Speed is slow in both my desktop and lappie.
Then I shopped for things, things that are not for me.

I had KIVed Aricia's photo collage for a very long loooooong time so I popped by Creative Hands in Taka to look for the Pooh's stickers. (today's ren-ri and I kept hearing the lion dance tong- chiang tong-chiang) No luck even when I went to another place in PS. I haven't stepped into MWL for a long time so I'm really impressed and marvel at every little piece. It's a good thing I didn't start scrapbooking photos coz' for sure I'll go bankrupt.
I also bought a laminator -meant to do some things for Aricia's 'study'. Expensive? I'm glad GBC came up with this cheaper alternative, normally those I saw costs around $150+++ and this at $95 from Popular was a bargain.
I'm very broke today - I bought all the things for Aricia + frame for Athena's puzzle. Infact I just realised my shopping consists of things mainly to do up their room. Umm!

Some interesting things I saw today:
1) For those who scrapbook you would have heard something called the Distress tool. I found this Antiquing Tool which cost only $12.50 - very cheap as compared to the Distress Tool. Well, the best thing is it doesn't sound that complicated to use. Wish me luck!

2) It' so messy when you see so many papers in the shop, I was so tempted to buy the whole pack of paper and get out of that place (it was so crowded) I like those sweet pink and this was really tempting.
In the end, I put it back in the shelf. I don't scrapbook, I mainly buy those papers and embellishments for card-making and I hardly have the time to make cards now. (seems like I'm set to start doing Aricia's photo collage huh? Fact is, I haven't develop the photos yet. You say I crazy or not??)

Other rubbish talk :
- I just realised my helper is even more fortunate than me, she sleeps more than me. And I'm not talking about sleeping in the night, when she puts Aricia to nap in the daytime (this is how she does - you think she'd pat her back! She plays with her than she pretends to sleep so Aricia will have no choice but to sleep.) more often she falls asleep. I'm sure you'll say "well, you deserve it since you want to geh-kiang do so many things for the children."

- I know everyone has their temper and I noticed once KZ showed a black face when Aricia was spitting the food out from her mouth. And.... supposedly I'm not there... will she give her a smack? I never leave the child alone with her for a long time, but I also worry what will happen to Aricia when I'm gyming. So does it mean, I have to give up gyming? Or perhaps I should say give up my life/freedom and see Aricia every seconds.

- As my mom puts in "I was from those suaku place (Muar) so I know how KZ thinks. She thinks in an old-fashioned way." I was not pleased when I saw her wearing mom's home clothes on CNY 1st day. I know it's none of my business since it's not my clothes but I's very pai-kuan I'm not pleased with KZ. Why does she have to borrow mom's clothes to wear? And so I told mom not to lend her personal things in future. Yes, my mom treats her well and we've told her "you're like a family" but still you don't borrow things from people. Then mom said she asked to borrow clothes another time before that also. Huh? And that time the reason was she didn't want to spoil her clothes with the bleach, so she asked mom for a "not so good" clothes to wear. Where to find a 'not so good' clothes? And mom though didn't feel pleased but still lent her.
Another warning my mom said "she might expect you to put up her family member if they come." Oh please my house is not a charity house!

Hair raising concerns
I don't know why but Athena has been dropping alot of hair recently. It's more than usual and what are the underlying causes - I don't know.
Could be lack of vitamins since she's picking on her food (don't eat this; don't eat that). Lack in Vitamin A - I think ??
Goash! If she keeps dropping we'll have to bring her to Beijing 101

So slow
Athena keeps eating so slow, I guess I haven't been strict enough with the military treatment "eat for 15 mins and then I'll confiscate the unfinished food. Then I let you go hungry" coz I'll have a screaming kid at home = anger in hearing her scream = scold her.
I know all kids take their own sweet time in eating. But I need to make sure she eats fast coz' next year she has to struggle with her short recess time. I pity her buddy, the buddy will sure feel 'suay' to have a girl who eats so slow as her charge. And maybe, buddy also go hungry coz' of her. Ha!
Wonder if hubby will buy the I-Phone. Looks really nice and is there such a use for such technic-savvy item? >> When I don't even have the time to sleep enough.

Looks like the playdate can't materialise so soon.

School not doing anything??
I don't know is it I have high expectations from the school? Athena came home and tell me "Teacher Mumta let us play play play. I never learn this in school." Is she teaching or not? Is she going according to the syllables and now I'm beginning to doubt the school.
I'm doing more things and to think mom feel that I'm crazy to let my child do assesment books @ home after a long day in school. I think I can home-school her siah. Found this interesting read

Things KIV-ed for too long already and needs to be done
1) Have to dub the rests of the videotapes over to DVD. Still have 10 more tapes ??
2) Need to sort out the 'To develop' photos. And get the long awaited photos developed since Aricia was born till now. Goash! I'll be broke!
3) Our family travel album has to be done
4) Ros- to do Aricia's collage. Then bring it out to print. Will need another free day to do so
5) Need to do the Speed-Reading thing in a shop in City Plaza. Need a day, maybe I'll plan to do it next week.
6) Homefront : a) mom says she wants to teach me to bake pineapple tarts (she makes very nice PTarts) and perhaps I should ask her to teach me Kueh Bangkit as well. And her Glutinous Rice cake, Nonya dumplings. Wow! Too adventurous I guess, I may end up buying off the shelf. b) not printing flashcards. I need to stop them once I finish a few more songs. And then I shall try to do up my blog templates and do some simple photo collage of the children to put in mobile phone

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