Sunday, February 10, 2008

Victoria's 4

On the last day of the long CNY week break today, we had been invited to Jenny's home for Victoria's birthday party.

We were the first to arrive, haha! Talk about punctuality without any hiccups from Athena (of course she'll gladly cooperate with me when she knows she's going to a party) - if only she can do this all the time without me screaming/nagging.
After some time Jenny decided to let the children go into the pool, and that mini-mummy nagged at me "why you didn't bring my swimming costume etc...." I have the swimming bag in my car all the time (that's why the boot always so messy) so if she wants to go in, I'd bring it up. Still that girl sounded so disappointed in me"why you never bring up earlier?"

The children slowly streamed in, lesser children this time round - probably due to the festive season. But as long as there's children around, all the mummies will automatically be 财神 爷. Amanda didn't go for the party, but Athena being the playful one was able to find someone to play with - a girl named YanXuan - besides playing with Eliz and Vic.
I chatted with a few mummies while Athena played.

Some photos to share :

Delia & Athena
A group photo of the children
Family Photo
"Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To Victoria, Happy Birthday To You"

Cutting cake

Athena enjoying the cake

Back to boring routine and so.... time to head back home at 8+pm. And for the children, it's not the end as they'll be playing with the goodies inside their goodie bag.

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