Saturday, February 9, 2008

A little of daydreaming my dreams

When I did facial at home on Friday, it wasn't the "just put a mask over my face" kind. I really go through some steps using my "bluff my way through massage techniques" for cleansing, then I have steamer; squeeze etc.. and that's not it. I prepare my eye-pads in the fridge prior to steaming so that I can have nice cool eyepad with my hydrolat. And so, when I finally put that mask on my face + eyepads, I'd lie down on my bed with the room already filled with new age music. Very spa like huh?
As the music sooth and calm me down; the whatever things in the mask are working and seeping into my ugly skin; I am even more relaxed and... I'll dream.

Well, in reality I haven't done home facials for quite awhile already so... my dreams still came back. The same dream of my dreams....>>>

My dream was to have a facial service out of my home, where I'll convert one room into the facial room. And I can do a body massage/Spa thing too. The darkened room will be able to fit 2 beds, serene music + nice aromatherapy scent fills the room. You might think how this stupid dream came about. Mom has this friend who cuts hair out of her home (at that time home business was not that popular), so I thought it'd be nice to do facial/Spa out of a home. Only setback, no jacuzzi or bathtub - unless they don't mind my children's Pooh bathtub.
You might be wondering why I had the interest in beauty, and you thought I like planning parties. Yes, it's true I like both. Infact, beauty has been my long-standing interest. I did intend to get certification from CIDESCO and hopefully one day own a beauty salon with my favourite range of Spa products Borghese or maybe look for other range of products.. but I don't have much capital so must daydream about me starting off from home. I had never mention this to anyone before, not even my sister who would definitely encourage me to "go ahead and realise my dreams"

Infact, sister did mention to me that I should look for opportunities while I was still flying. I saw and liked B&BW concepts and I must say I am a great fan of their products & still using their products. Unfortunately they don't allow franchising and I thought how about if I source and bring out a range of products using almost the same concept in Singapore. But but....
there's alot of buts. I saw but I don't have the $$. If only I'm as gangho as Mathilda Koh, who was so daring to go all the way and look where she stands now. Probably living in a big bunglow while I'm stuck in caregiving my 2 kids.

Of course my interests also lies in creative as well...

What can I say?? Left-handers are daydreamers. I still haven't found my courage to go ahead and conquer the world. Everyone must be disappointed in me for being such a failure.

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