Thursday, February 28, 2008


Books / Books review
I picked up (ahem..collected) this book Smart Baby, Clever Child - hoping to make my little Aricia a child prodigy.
The book I last borrowed : ScreamFree Parenting didn't seem that interesting to me & so I returned it. I think the best way is to send me for counselling to stop me from screaming. Notice too, that I didn't talk much about the other book : Playful Parenting. Umm... it's common sense thing so I decided to use my time to do other things. But the book I highly recommend would be the Different Children, Different Needs.

I was flipping through the cake decorating books. It's really very pretty and I doubt I can do it. First I need to pick up Athena's Playdoh and try my skills in making an animal or things from it. Meanwhile the books are for salivating purposes. Ha!

Stupid server!!
I've been complaining that my server is slow. Starhub came by last week to check on it. Checked said no problem with the speed, then he suggested it could be viral in my computer since he noticed in my loading page below always says : so he suggested that it is directing elsewhere and could be viral attack.
He mentioned ways where there can be viral attacks or getting trash mails. I said yes, I did receive some trash mails coz' once I click on the debug some virus thing popup. And strange enough, my Norton didn't help meh??
He checked on our desktop, speed is not as fast as brother's loading but at least I can get into it.

When he left, I tried again. This time it's slow again. I checked on the desktop again & clicked on Mozilla Firefox, normally I use Mozilla Firefox coz' it's faster than Internet Explorer. And so, I noticed that it also directs to - so it's not viral attack in my lappie at all!!
I went back to Internet Explorer, I can get into the page but I tried to upload something, it's jammed up again.

Damn! damn! damn! Never subscribe to Starhub!! They can't even solve my problem.

So, it means I can't go into these pages :
1) youtube (which explains why I uploaded some videos in twango)
2) my online photo albums
3) facebook
4) livejournal

NEA came by on Tuesday knocking on every doors, highlighting to me that there are 2 dengue cases in my area.
I haven't turned on our water feature for quite some time since the outbreak in Pasir Ris area, I played safe and drained the water and cleaned up the area. Over the weekend, I told KZ to fill up the water coz' I need to work the motor. She filled up on Monday evening, so Tuesday I turned on but the motor's not working - gotta ask dad to see what's wrong. Then so 'qiao' the NEA came by.
I was abit surprised that he wasn't concern over our water feature but over the "fake" plant near the water feature.Wah... we can't even plant anything at our corridor - no sun how to plant anything inside the house. (ehh... actually we did. The landscape people came to put indoor plants in our house with pebbles etc.. but somehow the plants died - no green fingers lah! So, we never planted anything after that)
Ours is all clear, of course lah! We played safe in everything since we had 2 young children @ home. When he went to next door.... "you all have so many plants? When did you change the base plate? Must change you know..." Ai yoh...I'm so scared now.
Burning the essential oil to ride of insects in the house now.

K, time to finish blogging now. Mine's all updated, gotta update the childrens' tonight.

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