Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Day Out

Finally I get a chance to be out alone mid-week, I haven't had the time to gym on Monday + Tuesday (trying to finish some things at home) so Wednesday will have to start. So what better way to start my gym for the week is to have Moo Han for company.

After gym, we had lunch together (I had quite a sinful lunch - Fish & Chips, which the workout was of no use). We really have so much to talk about, nice to have her around. Well... next time we'll probably have more chance to meet up when her son is in Tao Nan and Athena is in IJ (schools are just opposite from one another). Looking forward to our aging years ahead!Since we're near the east coast, this is what I expected we'd do.
After lunch it was errands time. Bank + do the Speed Reading + library. Ken can't do it so now I have to find other ways to do it. Aiyah! Wasted my trip down to that curvy laned Guillemard area. Library - yea! I get to pick up the books I've reserved. Umm... actually for quite some time I haven't really stepped inside the library to look for my books, but rather I'd reserve the books, pay the reservation fees of $1.55 and pick up the books. Saves the time for me. I reserved the cake decorating books , I was to pick up one but I decided to check and the rests of the books were on the shelf too, so I asked to collect all immediately; rather than going back another day.

Time execution was so perfect, the moment I reached back mom's place it was time to pick Athena up.

Night time, I had Aricia to sleep with me since che-che is not around to fight the attention + squeezing into my bed. And... to be continued.

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