Sunday, February 24, 2008

The chor lor-rina

Athena is so crazy over the 12 Dancing Princess, that she's watched that 3 or is it 4 times. Currently that's playing in the car.

Incident yesterday :
After watching a little segment of the show (coz' short journey to dinner place) and being so in love with the graceful steps.... she was sitting on my lap in the front seat, so she had to get down first before I can right? She stood at the back door waiting for me to come out. In the meantime, she started dancing in the carpark.
Hubby worried "Athena, don't go behind."
Me : "she's dancing" (obviously he didn't hear me)
Hubby : "Athena, hurry up. Why are you so slow? Walk faster!"
Me : "She's doing ballet - dancing."
And she continued gliding on safe place to the lift area.

Later on, on way home :
Athena : "daddy, I love ballet sooooo much. I want to learn ballet"
Me : ", you're not going to learn ballet with you stopping halfway after some time.."
Hubby : "and complaining 'pain pain'...."
Athena : "but ... I want to learn..."
Hubby : "Okay, if you can tiptoe for 5 hours later, I'll let you learn."
Me : "5 hrs? Then I will have to send her to hospital tomorrow for broken toes."

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