Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The pidgies

It's Day 4 since the pidgies' eggies left my sight. Since then, the mummy + daddy + another bird (mistress? toy boy?) kepe coming back. Initially it was all 3, now it's just 2. And they'd sleep in the aircon ledge above my unit. I can see them from my kitchen window.
Earlier on, they frightened the shit out of me, 2 of their heads were facing directly into my kitchen.

Ok, back to the past few days. They stopped patrolling my aircon ledge and walked behind the aircon compressor to find the eggs since Sunday. And I had thought they had stopped grieving..but oh my I'm wrong, they are very persistent.
Once I found myself talking to one of them "You're looking for your eggs? Don't worry we try to hatch the eggs for you? Or...can I catch you? I let you sit on your eggs yourself?"
Shucks! What the ??? I must be INSANE TALKING TO A BIRD, which either neighbours (upstairs & downstairs) would think I'm talking to myself since the bird is hidden in their view. And don't forget I hate pigeons!!

The rep from Pigeon Conservation is not sitting on the eggs (as what hubby said) but she's trying to hatch the eggs with a light. Don't play play hor... my sister actually went to a pet shop to buy a light specfically for hatching eggs. Can't remember how many days to see whether it'll hatch, though we noticed veins in the 2 eggs = fertile. If not, will have to bury the eggs...

*update on 28th morning - the upstairs neighbour is cleaning their aircon ledge. I asked the man, they laid an egg there *

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