Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mumblings *edited*

Hubby really bought it, I thought he didn't mean it.

Last evening he showed it to me, after his colleague helped him convert something which is being blocked by US. Very impressive gadget but it can't be mine to use as my children likes to play with my phone and it'll end up spoilt. I worry when he uses it too, coz' he is very careless - can leave things behind. Sigh...
The children are happy with their presents, (apparently daddy bought them what Athena wanted for her birthday theme) Athena's so proud of her new plasters - the 4 boxes behind the Spongebob row - all x2 and combined into one box She loves this so much that...................
suddenly she tells me her hand is painful.

I'm happy with my B & BW stuffs and VS fragrance.
Sale! Sale! Sale! I wanna go..... he had to further spite me "do you know the hotel I stayed is just next to a big mall??" Argh! I don't care I wanna go. If not, I'll have to order some items which he didn't buy online already.

Little Miss Pidgie
That night after the first and last time I wrote about our visitors, I was set to go to hell. Coz' I was thinking about the poos and inconvenience.
Then when I told hubby, immediately he said " remove it". I kind of expected him to say that. But he made no indication that he's going to do it and he kept opening the window to see the pidgie sitting on it, not even shoo-ing it away. So perhaps... maybe he did have a soft side in him. Anyway he won't be around in the next few weeks so he might just forget it was ever there.

Sister asked me in the late morning (Fri) and I told her I am more keen in going to hell. Her response was "good! This is called karma... you like to drink bird's nest, see next time you dare to drink or not."
Afternoon, she mentioned that her customer/friend in Saudi Arabia told her that I should keep it as it signifies 'peace' - I wonder what exactly he means?... that my house is too noisy and it should be peaceful?? I thought it was dove which signifies peace, until my sister told this dumb girl "doves and pigeons are the same what?" In my mind, I thought "Oh is it? No wonder they look a little alike"
As I checked :

What is the difference between Pigeons and Doves?
All doves and pigeons descended from the Rock Dove. Through mans selected breeding over many years has the homing pigeon come to be known. Scientifically doves and pigeons are the same (Columbia liva).

Click here

And so, I thought.... maybe I should just shut one eye. But I'm equally worried about the nuisance it will cause.
This morning was The Day - hubby opened the window and said "you're still here?" Of course lah! Nobody tried to move it, it will still be there. And he wanted to throw the eggs away. Sister did say if we wanted to remove it, she wants to try to catch the mummy & daddy and try to make sure the lil' pidgie grows. But at that time, hubby was too impatient/insensitive, no time to call her. His intention was to throw it away while I thought I'll bring it down - perhaps it'll not survive but better than 死 路 一条. How to get the mummy down with me?? It's a terrible mess with poos on the floor. Eeks! KZ helped me remove and I thought she paused awhile. Saying her prayers? The eggs were warm, we let Athena touched the eggs. At first she touched then she got scared when she felt it was warm, the next thing that came out from her mouth "got chocolate inside??" with her eyes wide open made us laugh.Wymondham CollegeDon't tell me she thought it's those chocolate easter eggs??
KZ followed me and I saw what raw materials the pidgies used to make a nest. Wires, some plastic thing, ends of joss sticks (the bulk of the items probably came from the construction site across) Called sister to inform her the moment I got back home. During that time lapse, the pidgies came back alot of times looking for the babies. Quite a poor sight! After a long long time later, sister called & told KZ she wants to take the eggs. By then it started raining and I took the opportunity to wash the ledge and guess what?? I started sneezing non-stop for the next half and hour or more. It's not those kind of flu-ey or "I think somebody is saying bad things about me" sneeze but it was those sneeze I get when it's really dirty/dusty.
The representative from the Pigeon Conservation (sister) came with her assistant + a dog cage, explained that if she wanted to catch the mummy/daddy and another 3rd party - mistress? I'll let her catch it but I'll be out with hubby for dinner coz' as it is he was so impatient, KZ will stay at home. Ai yah...hope my sister understands the position I am in.
Now, the 3 birds are in the aircon ledge above our unit. I hope it flies away soon coz' it might dirty our clothes. As it is, when we went downstairs, we noticed the floor with lots of poos - imagine how many of our unit #461 neighbours are cursing and swearing. Oh! I saw some other pigeons in another block. Probably it's the baby boom time?? Yah! With Valentine Day's just passed and the pigeons probably made love like mad, so now time to reproduce.

The eggs are in sister's hands and will see whether it'll hatch. Kudos to her for having the patience. I don't have the patience, not even with my children.

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