Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The day

Just like any normal day... oh no, not really. Athena didn't go to school, coz' it's half day so let her skip school. We shall give the oranges to her teachers on Monday then.

I thought Athena asked for my permission to eat the 年糕 (which means 步步 高 升) that Berries gave when I was sleeping?? Must check with her tomorrow if she ate.
I woke up slightly late today coz' I was finishing up some printing last night. Actually if I put my heart into it, I can print out at least 5 topics... hee! I will 'close illegal business' for 3 days and then my 'business' must resume after that.

At the same time, I did my shopping list for hubby. Feeling sian... on one hand feel like following him on this trip, yet I'm tied down with the kids. I also worry about the weather, if the children can take it. Now, I even worry that hubby has to drive alone.
Why I like to go US? Shopping and ... I know this sounds crazy but I can perhaps buy the party stuffs for the children, better than having it shipped in at a later date. Yup! We have the themes in mind already. And, I know I'm crazy ; I keep saying "no more party next year" but it never happens.
Umm! I told him no matter what, I'm going to follow him the next time he goes to US.

When I am free, my mind wanders off and wonder
> I was thinking of our last CNY. Richard was in Singapore on the 1st day of CNY, where he was doing his last leg before flying off home. He stayed with us and he visited my parents and joined us for dinner. Time flies.. and this time round, on the 5th day of CNY hubby will be flying to where Richard stays.
> Back to local home news, grandma is not here to celebrate CNY this year. She would have celebrated her centennial this year and who knows.. we might even throw her a grander celebration?? I think about the blackjack she plays with me or is it I play with her - whatever it is when you put 2 lonely people together they find comfort in each other.
> Since we have no one to visit, we will practice our yearly CNY tradition - hubby brings us out for a movie. And maybe it's going to be the latest Jack Neo movie : Ah Long Pte Ltd ? Seems always the case - we go for local productions on CNY days.

When I was not free
I am teaching Athena and going through her assessment books with her. Yup! Still gotta go through the books coz' it's different subjects everyday mah! And I'm doing tomorrow's books today.
But still no time to give her her music revision. PILs came for the reunion dinner and I feel bad if they can't watch TV and have to listen to her play and maybe stare into the walls??
Sometimes people look at me and tell me "poor thing, she gotta do so many books" but hor... you'd be surprised to hear that she seemed so accustomed to this now. She'd get her books and sometimes I tell her to stop, she'll want to continue.
And while doing her writing today.. see her mouth, she's reciting the words

Watch the video.

Now you know why she's moving her mouth. I found it amusing, what has Swiper gotta do with the words she writing

Little Ari was kept busy with the water painting.

Evening time, we had our reunion dinner. Dinner was steamboat with not many seafood fare. Abalone is a must (parallel meaning : assurance and surplus) although I don't eat it. Prawns and cuttlefish were the only seafood there. The rests were fishballs, prawnballs, seafood stick etc... and a little meat + lots of vegetables. This stupid gong-gong mother is a big fan of fishballs (typical Teochew girl) so that was my main meal.
PILs then left for home. Nothing much to do, sent the 2 hyperactive kids who were making too much noise and playing too much to bed. Fell asleep even before I could count to 50. That tired!
Hubby left for his friend's place for a night of playing cards (a yearly thing they do), I stayed home to blog and still can't finish in time.

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