Saturday, February 9, 2008

3rd day of CNY

The day went by in very nicely, a little quiet without Athena at home.
When she came back in the evening, like clockwork she had her dinner and I needed her to do some assessment books + music revision. It has been a long long time since she practiced!

And then.. as if I cannot have the rest of the night pleasant, 3rd day of CNY and my helper has to drop the clock and break the glass clockface!!! At that time, I was on the phone with Moo Han and I heard a loud crash. After some time I went in, mind you it was some time and she didn't have the decency to tell us immediately (coz' it took me awhile to hang up the phone, see to Athena then went to the room to see what happened).
The moment I went in, she was holding onto the clock then place it on the floor. Now that was the ultimum, I told her off "Aricia is walking around in the room, put it on the table behind; throw away. You leave this here on the floor?? And take a broom to sweep the floor up, there are fragments." Oh my! And she need me to tell her this!! At that moment, I wanted to say the new year words but just can't recall it immediately + my mandarin is bad I can't connect the words that fluently. Now that I checked, I am suppose to say :
岁岁平安 & 花开福贵.

Raging hormones, I was mad at her for so many reasons :

1) She already broke 2 clock in the house! 1st one was the children's Pooh clock, and she told me after some time coz' I wasn't at home. She glued it back but still there's a small chip. So probably she was trying to salvage the thing??

2) Carelessness!! She broke clocks + plates + dunno what else in my house. Come on! I've been touching my house things for so long and I never broke anything. She comes and break my things. I know she didn't do it on purpose, but she would have known better than to reach for the remote control in the dark?? and by now should know estimation where the clock is and avoid sweeping down the clock in the process.

3) After some time she talked about paying $$ coz' she broke 2 clocks already. That infuriated me further, still dare to mention 2 clocks to me!! I stay here so long, clean my house everyday also never break my things. Fortunately all these are worthless items, can you imagine if she broke the ornaments which we bought overseas?? No amount can pay back.
4) Wrong timing! Not during CNY!! 5) Never think! She never realise the danger by placing the clock on the floor, my inquisitive girl was walking around the room and she didn't quickly carry her just incase there are small glass fragments on the floor. And what if I didn't come in in time and she didn't dare to tell me... I dunno if Aricia will touch the clockface and get cut.

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