Thursday, February 28, 2008

That nottie girl

yup! I've said it upteen times.

Last night decided to let her sleep with me coz' for the past few nights I was trying hard to finish my stuffs. Now I've completed what I'm suppose to do now (and continue the rests at another time. Got another project to do now.) and no printing in the night so I wanted that nice cuddle with my little girl.

Wah.......she seemed to be fast asleep, but after some time she got up and started playing the room - at 11+ in the night. Put her on me to sleep, she faked until I put her down, she sat up and started laughing. This continued with all her jumping and climbing the bed + pillows + blanket she pulled to try to stack up.
1+, still refused to sleep. I smacked her buttocks. It's the first time she knew I mean business and started crying (if not, usually she'll make that pouty face and forget about it)

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