Thursday, February 21, 2008


BB Einstein
We haven't let her watched her BB Einstein videos for about a month or more now, coz' we were rotating all her other videos.

Since two days ago, she indicated what she wanted to watch by pointing to the disc box and said "da da". When one finishes, she'll continue with her "da da" and then continue the next video. Don't ask me why she said "da da" probably the boy with glasses looked like my brother (whom she calls da da)??

And so, we started with the Baby Van Gogh since I am showing her Vincent Van Gogh's paintings as one of the flashcard topics.

Open / Close
I dunno what that girl is up to now, she has all those funny antics coming up all the time. She learnt to close her eyes, squint her eyes closed tighter and then turn her head from left to right vv, squinting even tighter and smiling - so we know she's playing. She continued a few times in a day.
Today, she decided she can try something different. And so she did it when she was walking. Told her to open her eyes but she continued playing, opened her eyes, closed her eyes and walked. *boom* she walked into the sofa. Thank goodness she didn't fall backwards, but it was funny to see her walking into the sofa. That didn't deter her, infact it challenged her further and she continued trying... until I had to distract her with a toy.

Naughty girl, I wonder if she's teething or what.. she's been trying to bite. And sometimes she bite our shoulder when we're carrying her. And so, she bit KZ on the shoulder, KZ took revenge and flip her face down and "bite" her leg. That girl scream "pay pay ah...." (pain pain ah)
Sometimes at home, she'll complain (by running to me and say "pay pay" to me that she was bitten but she'll show me the wrong place.
Early in the day too, she was so happy holding two ice-cream and she said "i crem". It surprised all of us, sometimes you gotta really pay attention coz' she mumbles the word and then refuse to say it again until whatever her mood tells her to do.
And, I thought I heard her calling "Ah yi yat" - Aunty Zet, when we got back home this evening.

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