Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sven is 1!

It's the first time I'm seeing Sven and he is already 1!

It was a party with catered food and of course.... desserts lined up prepared by Ros's mom. To name a few there were quiche, tarts, eclairs and eclairs - I must stress on this coz' it's chocolate. I was told the Chocolate Truffle cake is also prepared by her super mom. Coz' I get to eat chocolates. Yay!yay!yay! I'm going to stuff my face with chocolates, notice I never talked much about the catered food huh?

The party was in the way, Athena (like the mummy) was eyeing on the eclairs and so she tried to have her lunch, but she was so tired - past her nap time. So drowsy that.... she fell while sitting twice!! Can't believe it.
The birthday boy
Ros and me

Yums! The CAKE!!! Must ask Ros mom if she wants a disciple
Singing the birthday song / Cutting cake
Athena enjoying the cake. I had a second helping.. and I have to work hard in gym tomorrow.
Athena playing with Joey
At the party, found out one of Ros's cousin (cousin right??) is a CS- Chief Steward with SQ so we chatted. Chatted with Ros very little coz' she was fluttering about the guests, even when I stayed back a little didn't permit me to have time to chat alot more with her - at this time Athena although was playing with Joey was so tired.

And... the journey back from Woodlands to Punggol was not even long enough for her to rest well in the car.

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