Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SIA Stewardess Slapped + My nonstop (direct flight) talking

What the ??

What is wrong with passengers? CC are humans. What gave them the right to slap someone? And just because they think they are rich? If they're that rich and proud, then go and fly their own private jet. Most rich people have attitude problem.
I think the victim's parents would have thought " I don't even slap my daughter, why would an outsider slap my daughter?" - yah if I were her mother, I'll make sure I slap that woman doubly hard and be a bitch also.
Bitch Vs Mega Bitch (who's mega bitch? me lor! Since I will fight back with words)

Why is it that passengers find fault with our national airline + CC and then behave themselves in other airlines? Why? Coz' other airlines' CC are more "dua jia" as compared to the skinny Balmain-clad stewardess huh? Coz' SIA is also known for Sorry I Apologise that they are abused more. Of course who gets the brunt of everything? Not the ground staff, not the cockpit crew but the people who made it "A Great Way To Fly" ( A Gangster Way To Fight) as campaigned by Batey Ads.

I must admit that during my time, we never heard any stories of crew getting slapped. Molest - yes, lots if times. Punched - yes especially the GS. And how about those humsup men who try their luck to see clevage? It is also considered outraging of modesty what?! It happened to me lots of times. There was once I was on a Japan sector where a group of Japanese in their 50s were heading back home. They were trying their luck to see my ..ahem.. during the drink cart service. All I did was to give them that 'hey I know what you're doing' look, one hand on the hip, not that fierce looking and told them "I complain to your wives" and smiled a little. They laughed it off, some of them hitting one another head and then they never did that again. It was a win-win situation where I handled in a different manner, I wasn't rude to them. Anyone molest me? Never. I should thank my lucky stars that nobody wanted to touch me, if not i take the SS Tray and whack their heads.

And so, this news of a stewardess being slapped and went all the way in suing needs alot of salutation from us. She's the heroine who fought back. (I know that when there were case of CC being abused or punched by pax, they will be asked "are you sure you want to sue?" coz' it means taking them out from their rostered duties and it also means alot of emotional stress. Not many would sue, trying to forget the incident)

Fighting Place : In JCL onboard SQ 12 (SIN-NRT)
The Fight : Stewardess & tai-tai (wife of Venture Corp chairman)

This entry is my from my point of view and is not a discrimination platform. I shall put forth all my thoughts from both point of view. The 来龙去脉 is only known between them, I can only guess the scenerio.

1) My first assumption was that the tai-tai is an ugly old woman who is jealous of the young girls, and probably thinking her husband is going to tackle the young girls. But then I read it from somewhere that she was an ex-crew too (dunno how true) so I thought she must be relatively good-looking. And when I saw her picture , she's good-looking what. So why get jealous? And it's not like everytime she travels with her husband right? So does it mean that everytime he flies, she goes wild with her imagination that her husband is cheating on her.
So what if her husband talks to the CC? I've talked to so many passengers, some of them I know are married. I have a few PPS friends who are married and I don't have any of their wives coming after me. And how about hubby who travels so often?

2) CC are expected to do PR with pax and I don't know where they are when they talked (cabin, outside toilet, galley) of if stewardess did incur the wrath of the tai-tai for her to spit out flame. Whatever it is, in such a short time how is the stewardess going to 'seduce' the pax? SIN-NRT is a 2 meal service sector, not much time to talk you know. And also I've travelled and realise not many CC are doing PR now (not that I was dying to have someone talking to me coz' I'll be busy taking care of the kids). Unless.... Mr Wong likes to talk alot, the stewardess was just being polite in talking to him coz' sometimes it can be difficult to find pax who are extremely friendly.
So where is Mr Wong standing now? Did he clarify whether he was the one who started the talk or not? Or perhaps tell the world that his wife was in the wrong, so just pay the $$$. (but then sometimes $$$ doesn't solve everything coz' tai-tai will continue to have this arrogant attitude problem. The person who will go through the trauma will be the stewardess)

In other words, grow up tai-tai!


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