Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I didn't bring Athena to the playground when she was little coz' to me playground is dirty and "you'll get your clothes dirty" - at that time I never thought I could always change her clothes after play. Oh well...............things were alright until she was a little older and I had to push her to the playground. By then I thought it was okay for her to go, but she was like a little dog being let out on the first day, so she was scared.

This time round, I decided to let Aricia free. Dirty, dirty still can wash. She likes it when I bring her che-che from school, she'll point to the playground. And I'll let them play for 15 mins, Athena will gladly love to carry her down the slide. And lil' Aricia will scream "weeeeeeee". Haha! Now she takes my short legs as a slide.

So this morning, I decided to let her go to our playground. She's quite okay with it, not scared like the che-che. But maybe coz' Aricia is a siao-char-boh that's why.

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