Monday, February 4, 2008

Feel like working

Dunno why... seems like I can only 'tahan' this kind of "not working" for a short while.

With Athena, at 1 year I was itching to go back to work. And when Athena was 16-17 months I was already back at work. Now, Aricia's going to be 17 months, I'm itching to go back.

It's not that kind of "I must go back to work" feeling but rather.. "I wish I can go back to work now." Perhaps coz' I know with 2 kids I'm quite tied up. With Athena, only one kid at that time so not as busy as now, even more desperate since I had an easy life taking care of Athena

Just the other day, I had a funny dream. A real funny dream....
I dreamt that I joined an organised tour to Europe. And when I was proceeding to the hotel restaurant for our meal, I saw someone and immediately we called each other "buddy" - who was she? She was my buddy, Juliet. She was in uniform and checking out, naturally I stopped to chat with her.
And by the time I got back to the table in the restaurant, everyone had finished their meal without leaving anything for me. I was really hungry and I didn't have enough time to go outside to buy bread. Infact, it was an ulu place with no shops.
I woke up feeling really hungry. And.... my buddy has already resigned (just gave birth) so I don't know why I dreamt of her.
* Moo Han, maybe it's a sign telling me that we should visit her soon.


Horsey said...

Was your buddy a crew too?

Lily Ann said...

Yes. There was buddy flying at that time for 6 months or one year.