Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chocolate Fudge Cake with...

........lots of Hersey's Semi-Sweet chocolate.

Was so tempted to throw in the mini M&Ms as well.

I took my camera to snap photos, if only I can snap smells.. the smell is Oohlala. I love the smell of chocolates, do I need to emphasise more?
First attempt so I think it's a good attempt. It tastes like chocolate, it taste like what a fudge is suppose to be (only KZ thought it taste funny, until I told her it's not sponge cake. She didn't know what's a fudge. Huh?)Now have to see what my family thinks of it.

Recipe (I didn't put nuts - forgot I had some almond. Duh!)

You know what's the best? Served with our Rocky Chocolate ice-cream.
Dessert is served!!
成功 or 失败? I don't know, must ask my family. So far Athena & KZ gave me the thumbs up.

This is hilarious!


Shannon's Mummy said...

Hey your chocolate fudge cake looks delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe! ^_^ Got to try it one day!

Lily Ann said...

Try it and then post it in your blog