Monday, February 18, 2008


I wanna... I wanna... I wanna bake nice cakes, decorate them and feed my family - to 养 他们 白白 胖 胖... but first gotta work on the taste; then the decoration; then the sporting family who have been tied to the chair (so they can't run away) and stuff it into their mouth.

My ardent fan of my cake kueh bolu Athena asked me when I'm going to "make Dora again" - when we have that big bottle of kueh bolu for CNY. ??!! She has to finish that bottle first before I can make any for her.
My next fan of "anything-chocolates I like" asked me when I'm going to bake the Chocolate Lava. Ai yoh... she thinks I'm really that free. I gotta work on that premix pandan cake first.

I want to learn to decorate, and I tried to get inspiration from the books I saw at the library today. But alas! I forgot the kids library cards and Athena seeing me in the library says she wants to borrow books - which I'm only left with 1 book for the quota.
The books

As I was looking for the images in the web to put in here, I saw many more interesting books. Oh boy! I am being overly ambitious, I haven't even tried how to use the piping tips properly for a normal buttercream cake..and it's not like I have that many people who would want to try out my cake - I can't be eating everything myself coz' I'll be fat. Hubby is not a fan for cakes and chocolates. For all you know, before I can embark on doing a nice cake just like what's shown in the books I may sworn off cakes forever, finding it a hassle to cut here and there. It's more of 'playing playdoh?' and frankly I don't have good skills.

Duh! If only I can make cakes this nice that taste equally nice as well... I'd open a shop and be a lady-boss.
DREAM ON, LILY!! I shall continue dreaming and working towards that dream in my la-la- land

I have signed up for Anna's class, I want to learn how to do Fondant cupcakes and not my "any-o-how (my lazy style) of putting cream and throw quins on cupcakes" style anymore. With the Fondant, I can try to decorate the cookies too! Of course to bluff children , I still continue using the "bluff my way through" method. Haha!

What's next?
Maybe another course with Anna. A course in BITC? Phoon Huat? BIY?
Perhaps more gangho and go for a Wilton course?
Maybe >> just forget the whole thing and buy a cake from Patissier??

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