Thursday, February 28, 2008


Reading the alphabets
Athena could tell me the letters at 18 months, even reading it in the mirror image.

Aricia is now 17 months + and I'm hoping that she'll be able to do what her che-che did at the age. Umm... maybe not the mirror image but the full alphabets.

This is her progression (funny) so far :

Point to She says


B ber (phonics sound)


D dog


F ff (phonics sound)
G ge

H Her (phonics sound)
I sometimes she says I, sometimes she says "hah"

J *pli pla*- dunno what



M mmmmm
N *pli pla*

P sometimes says P, sometimes she says A
Q *opens her eyes and look at me*

R Sssss (phonics sound for S)

S *pli pla*

T - V *keeps quiet*

W dunno what she says but it is 2-syllable

X - Z *keeps quiet*

So funny!

Mummy... I can't see

I can't remember if I had blogged this in before. This girl has found a new thing to play, she'd close her eyes and walk. We tell her to open her eyes, she's continue closing her eyes and squinting it tight;open her mouth. She walked into our sofa once, shocked but continued walking.
Just the other day, she tried again. This time with her hands stretched out infront of her, trying to touch the things. Then she laughs and continue again.


She learnt to walk backwards

Bracelet & Anklet
I decided to let her wear both her bracelet & anklet and I'm pleased that she didn't pull it off like what che-che did. Infact, she was so careful that she refused to move her left hand even when she was struggling to stand up from sitting position.
She's doing better now with it and still no attempts in pulling it off.

She speaks
All the imitating from che-che :
1) She learnt from her sister who's always whining for my attention "I want mummy.."
Aricia's version is either "I want (pause) mee" or "I (pause) mummy" Probably too young to join all 4 words together in a sentence for her.
2) Che-che always complained "naughty!" when we refuse her request for something. Aricia seems to know how to associate the word. When she asked for something from me, I'd usually ask her for a kiss. The other day, after planting dunno how many kisses I still asked for more. She got frustrated, sat down kicked her legs and said "nottie...."

"Pay pay ah...." pain pain ah. Hilarious to hear her say that, coz' she does really indicate to us when she's in pain like for eg. the other day the che-che closed the door on her and lil' Aricia feet was caught.
I'm so blessed..
I feel so blessed that both my children are water barrel. Athena drinks about 1 litre of water a day, Aricia drinks about close to 900ml a day + her milk which works out to more than 1 litres of water.
And both kids refuse flavoured drinks.

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