Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Was tidying and clearing up Athena's side cupboards.

I had loads to throw and my garang guni helper was rummaging through the discarded items to see if she can keep anything; bring back to home.


Then she found something in the rubbish. "What is this mom?" Before I could answer her, that woman put it over her nose holding onto the two loops, like a face mask. .
I stared at her in disbelief, she is either stupid or blind. "It's Kotex!!" and I burst out laughing at her ignorance.
KZ : "Huh? .......(took out the thing and see), so thick? Give birth baby use?"
Me : Yes

The more I think about it, the more I want to laugh at her. It not only is an effective facemask since it's so thick to block out any germs or pollutants particles, but one will die of suffocation since it's too thick for permeable air to go through. ?!?!?!

(you must be wondering why I had that old fashioned maternity napkin right? Believe it or not, this was provided - which is not since we pay - in Mt E when I gave birth to Athena. Exhorbitant fees but this kind of napkin. Anyway I thought it'd be a waste to throw it away since I can use it to cover my stitches and use the abdominal binder over it for my next pregnancy - which I did. Why? It reduces the pain. Better than using my Mothercare one right? Apparently I forgot to throw it away after that and it is hidden behind some things)

KZ :(still going through the rubbish bag) Brr..brr....(shrugs her shoulders) brr....eh! don't think about it.
KZ : plee plee (like trying to spit) plee plah
KZ : brr.. don't think about it.

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