Wednesday, November 23, 2005

There must be an underlying problem

I don't understand, I don't understand. I believe there must be an underlying reason for my girl to not go to school for the past two weeks. And this week it has intensified, she'll tell me the night before "mummy, tomorrow I dowan go to school." In the morning,"mummy I dowan go to school today. I want to stay at home." And to make it worse, she'll struggle when I dress her up and cry- I really mean CRY. It is already the rainy season, I don't need her to cry so much.
I've been asking her if someone had been bullying her in school. And her reply was "Joseph bully me." I don't know if she's trying to find a scapegoat in Joseph or really it did happened. (Becoz' Joseph is a really naughty boy - been teaching my girl all sorts of nonsense.)
Whatever it is, I must address my concerns to the school. I am only afraid of the psychological impact on her. Geez, I hope the school don't find this mother a nuisance.
I told my mother about my decision and she supported saying that she had never thought of that. After which she related the story of my brother being bullied in school. And how everyday after he's been dropped off by the schoolbus at the doorstep; he'd start crying. He did that for a couple of times and my mother questioned him. True enough, he was being bullied by his god-sister's cousin. Mother being very defensive for her children; followed him to school and then chased after the boy. Then somehow she lost the boy coz' they all look the same. I told my mother "you're the one gila woman running in St Stephen." I doubt I'll do that but already I find myself defending my girl in playground when she's being pushed by others. ( I scold the other kids. Hee! This kind of mummy)

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