Friday, November 18, 2005

I'm abit clearer now>>>>>

I finally got a clearer picture of my girl's behaviour.
When husband is not around in Singapore she is always well-behaved (she doesn't make me angry that much). Even if she does, she will apologize to me immediately "mummy, you dowan me? Mummy sorry, mummy I love you; I want you. Mummy...." When husband is back you see a total change in her. If I'm angry with her she'll walk over to daddy and sit next to him or vv if he's angry with her (but more likely I'm the one angry with her). And then that's the time when she don't even apologize to me. Not at all!! She'll say " I dowan you, I wan daddy."
Husband said she's feeling insecure. I should think so, afterall I remember the fengshui master did mention something like this about her.
So in order to discipline her, we must walk and think a step ahead of her.
Isn't it amazing that a child at this age can manipulate her thinking??

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