Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Back to the ole' schooldays

Sec 4/3 (1991) Bottom L-R: Ginny, Endora, Sylvia, Xiuxian, Ms Louisa Tan, Cynthia,Elizabeth,Rachel,Chern Yi
Second row L-R: Rosalind, Bazlin, Ai Leng, Me, Elaine, Georgette, Sweeta, Pricilla, Brenda
Last row L-R: Boby, Charmaine, Brenda, Michelle, Kamini, Xui Hui, Wendy
Met Ros mummy, my secondary school friend after we missed each other in action for 2 years. Well, it was nice meeting up with her and catching up with her.
It has been 12 years since we all graduated from KC (graduated in 1992) and 12 years have gone by so quickly. What are all my ex-classmates doing now, I really wonder. Where are they working; mothers of how many children.
Umm.... makes me feel like having a reunion. But problem is how to get the contact numbers. And as it is, I'm already so busy how to organize one?
Ps: I will scan in the class photo and put it in the blog. Pls check back. Will scan in another one in 1992.

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