Saturday, November 12, 2005

New IC

I was so excited as I went to ICA to collect my new IC today. Was really disappointed upon receiving it, told the lady at the counter "huh? pink colour? Then why require a coloured photopic?" The difference of course is the colour of the wording "Republic Of Singapore" changed and an additional smaller picture of you in a 'hologram'-??
A check with the lady and she told me that those born in 1972 onwards and turn 30 on their birth month will be sent a letter. " So what happens to those who are older? Shouldn't they change too, coz' they've aged?" " Can.... but we gotta pay $60 for that." Another lady told me "they should be in later phase."
I thought I can flaunt and show it to my family again saying " you see see I have new IC". Then it looked the same.

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