Friday, November 25, 2005

Presenting our Royal Highness Princess Ayako-revealing her name.

Presenting our Royal Highness Princess Ayako sitting on the royal throne (no puns intended).

That comes to remind me that Athena does have a Japanese name- Ayako. My Japanese girlfriend, Mio, asked me how to write her name in chinese. And when I did write her name she decided to use her 'Ling' from her Chen ZhaoLing to name her as "Aya" in kanji. It holds the same meaning as the chinese word (which means woven silk) . She added a "ko"behind as it means child. We hardly use this name on her but would it sound funny if she adds it in her IC next time ? Athena Ayako Ting. At least better than initally when we were thinking of her christian name. Titus wanted Celine and I always liked Dion as a middle name - imagine Celine Dion Ting?? She'll be teased by her classmates for life. Umm... yes I wanted to put in her birth cert Athena Dion Ting but listen to hubby lor. If I had known, I should have gone ahead with it.

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