Sunday, November 27, 2005

Should I bring her back to her PD??

My last visit to her PD sometime 2 weeks ago made me think if I ever want to bring her back there again. No doubt this PD is really good and the medication she gives helps. However I can't help but noticed most of the time whenever my girl has a slight cough she'll be given antibiotics. Now, too much of antibiotics will end up killing her good antibodies. Then what shocked me at our last visit was when she made this remark " well, I should have asked you to bring her to do an X-ray before I introduce her to ventolin. I didn't." Shit!
All the while she's been telling me that my girl is asthmatic but I doubt so. No doubt my husband had childhood asthma and it can be heriditary but I will accept it the truth if it is. If my girl is asthmatic she would have coughed and wheezed after all her daily running about in school. She also is not allergic to any furry toys around her bed. I told her PD I don't think she's asmathic. Of course every visit to her she'll keep asking "did you give her the ventolin? Did you give her the Flixotide?" She knows that I will not give it to her for no reason. (FYI, my girl only started having bronchitis early this year after we got back from Europe.)
Anyway, what's the use of giving it to her when she's not asthmatic and probably make her immune to it? Such that when the need really arises, the normal dosage doesn't help.
Now, I'm thinking if I should go back to the PD who beat her buttocks when she was born (but his clinic is in Paragon) or find another or should I stick back to her.

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